EXPLORING AGUSAN MARSH Most Insane Place Ive Seen in the Philippines

Agusan Marsh is a protected area in Mindanao where you can find species and aquatic plants that thrive only in this area. It’s definitely a journey to reach the marsh. It took a 2 hour drive to head to the port, then taking a 1.5 hour boat ride headed to the marsh. It was all worth it.

Agusan Marsh is home to the Manobo tribe. They live on floating houses, high enough to withstand the changing tides. To go back and forth in different areas of the marsh, they use canoes called barotos. After we took part in the thanksgiving ritual, we began our exploration.

Take a look.

Thank you to Hertz for lending us a brand new car for this trip. Hertz will be opening their Davao office in May 2019, so make sure to contact them if you are planning to drive in this region!


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